Chained Method Results

Chain provides a number of ways to access the return values from the Chained methods. By default, the run method returns a Result Object, but there are some shortcuts to access any return values provided on the Chain Object as well.

Getting Result Of A Specific Method

To get the result of a specific method, you can call the getResult method once you have run the Chain. This allows you to get several results while disregarding other results. Use the method name you want the return value for as a parameter. You can also access the return values of a method as a property of the Results object.

$chain = new Chain()
$results = $chain->call('method1', 'method2', 'method3')

$method1_result = $results->getResult('method1');
$method3_result = $results->method3;

If you only need the return value of a single method, instead of calling the run method on the Chain, you can instantly call getResult on the Chain instead. Please note that when doing this, you lose all access to any other return values unless you run the same chain again.

$chain = new Chain()
$method1_result = $chain->call('method1', 'method2', 'method3')

// Calling getResult again would result in the entire Chain being executed a second time. Avoid doing this.
$method2_result = $chain->getResult('method2');

Getting All Results

To get all results as an Array, you can call getResults on the Results Object, or on the Chain itself. If you call getResults on the Chain, you lose the possibility to access any of the other methods on the Results object. Alternatively, you can call the toArray method, which is simply an alias for the getResults method on both the Results and the Chain object.

$results = $chain->run();
$results_array = $results->toArray();
$results_array = $results->getResults();
$method1_result = $results->getResult('method1'); // $results_array['method1'] == $method1_result

$results_array = $chain->toArray();
$results_array = $chain->getResults();

Executing A Callback On The Results

Lastly, you can execute a final Callback after running the Chain using the then method. This Callback will receive the Results object as a parameter, so you can manipulate the results before returning them. Don't forget to return the Results Object or any other return value you still want to use.

$results = $chain->then(function($results){
    // Modify a result before returning it
    $results->method1 = strtoupper($results->method1);
    $method2_result = $results->getResult('method2');
    $results->modResult('method2', strtoupper($method2_result));

    return $results;

$results = $chain->then(function($results){
    return strtoupper($method1) . ' - ' . $method2;